Safe Deposit Boxes1

Enjoy greater peace of mind by adding an extra layer of protection to your most valuable possessions. Stop by any SSB Wanamingo branch to get details about safe deposit box rental.

(all boxes are 21 1/2″ deep)
Size Annual Rent
4 ½” x 2 ½” SMALL $15.00
4 ½” x 3 ½” MEDIUM $20.00
4 ½” x 4 ½” LARGE $20.00
10″ x 2 ½” MEDIUM $25.00
10″ X 3″ MEDIUM $30.00
10″ x 4 ½” LARGE $35.00
10″ x 5″ LARGE $40.00
15 ½” x 13 ½” DELUXE $80.00

1Contents are not insured or guaranteed by the bank, the FDIC, or by any other government agency.

Wire Transfers

Move money across county, state, country, or even world with ease. We offer our customers both domestic and international wire transfer capabilities. Contact us for details.

Night Depository

We offer 24-hour banking conveniences! Night Depository is located next to drive-up window. Instant Cash ATM is located in Bank Entry.

Note: if you use an ATM that is not operated by us, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or by an automated transfer network.